A clutch is an important asset when you are styling your upcoming eveningwear looks, and even more so when you want to dress up last minute. As any accessory, it has to be an accent to your look, contrasting in terms of color, texture, and complexity.

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Pair The Clutch With Your Outfit

If clad in sequins, opt for a neutral designer clutch that balances the outfit. If dressed in black, beige or a plain monochrome, pick a statement clutch with embellishments or details in bold hues. It has to stand out.
At the same time, your clutch should coordinate with the outfit's style. A romantic look might need a clutch in pastels. A high-glam look requires you to choose a sharp box clutch from an A-list designer. Playful looks are complemented with glittered or sparkly chic clutches and minimalist looks call for slim pouches. Keep in mind that a statement can be made with a handful of well-placed and carefully executed details.

fashion clutch style guide

How To Shop For A Clutch

Next time you are shopping for a clutch pay attention to the shape, color, and style of the closure, and/or the strap. Evening looks work mostly with strap-free clutches, yet a chain strap can fit an early evening occasion. Don't try necessarily to match it with your heels, but make sure that both accessories feature some hues that are from the same color family or complementary to each other. Remember that a clutch's little space can only host your cellphone and a few other essentials, and never overload it with things that make it heavy.